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Bronze Axe Pendants

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Bronze axes are often found in large quantites known as hoards, now you can have your own minature hoard to wear!

Flat axes were the earliest type of metal axe in Britain. They were cast into single-sided, open moulds, so would have required a great deal of following work to hammer and sharpen before use.

Flanged axes were some of the earliest bronze axes in the UK and would have been a valuable possession as metal remained a scarce commodity.

Socketed axe heads appear at the end of the Bronze Age. Large numbers have been found in hoards across Europe suggesting a wide circulation of bronze which may have devalued the objects. Certain types have been found more frequently in particular regions, please enquire for advice if you are unsure which type is most suitable.

Pendant size: approx 30mm in length, 20,m width, 5mm depth.

Cast in bronze & hung on a leather cord with gold plated lobster clasp.