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Kirin of the Dobunni

Kirin of the Dobunni

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Anne Buffoni (Author)

He should have been wary of it, scared of this strange character grinning out at him, looking from one world into another. But he wasn’t. He knew without reason that this knife was an explorer.

The year AD 8

Kirin is restless. He is too young to join his father and uncle on their trading trips beyond the great river Savren. But danger also lies closer to home. 

When Kirin rescues a girl from a slave trader, he is determined to help her find the way back to her family, yet Kirin and his new friend Ribby must be careful. 

His grandfather’s animal-headed knife whispers a warning of betrayal in the face of an expanding Roman Empire, while an old woman’s mirror shimmers with the secrets of the ancient gods. 

For Kirin and his friends, this is the journey of a lifetime that could change everything ...

The gripping historical novel full of gods and secrets of the Dobunnic tribe in the last days of Iron Age Britain

With an exclusive author’s guide to the archaeological sites

About the author:

Anne Buffoni is a former primary teacher with a passion for education, archaeology, landscape and the natural sciences. 

Growing up on a farm near Cirencester, Anne joined summer archaeological excavations as a student, before beginning a lifelong interest in writing for all ages and encouraging independent investigation of the past and its treasures all around us. 

When she isn’t writing, she volunteers as an environmental archaeologist. She is currently involved in a Neolithic long barrow site in the Cotswolds.