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Poison Bottle - Beeswax Candle

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This cute candle is actually an old poison bottle.

These make great gifts (yes people love buying poison bottles as gifts apparently) due to their small size, or as something unique to add to your home decor.

In Victorian times before electricity, reaching for your medicine at night could be a dangerous task. Bottle manufacturers patented different designs that would feel distinctive to the touch.

This particular design is ridged and says 'NOT TO BE TAKEN',  hopefully enough to stop any accidental use!

Amazing burn time: 20 hours of golden bright flame

Weight: 140g

Height: 135mm

Width: 45mm

Beeswax has such a long burn time, while staying clean, natural and bright. It is also sustainable and supporting the bees means supporting a sustainable and healthy environment! That's why we love it, and hope you do too!