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Vaseline, Chesebrough Manufacturing - Beeswax Candle

Vaseline, Chesebrough Manufacturing - Beeswax Candle

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The candle is made from a bottle which dates from around 1905, and was made in the United States of America, where Robert Chesebrough invented and started manufacturing his now ubiquitous product, Vaseline.

Because Chesebrough's product was so successful, his need for Vaseline bottles led to many improvements in mechanical glassware manufacturing, some of which might have helped create some of the other bottles that we use for our candles!

Although the bottle is American, our candles are hand poured and hand finished in the UK using 100% British beeswax.

Amazing burn times: 20 hours of golden bright flame

Weight: 165g

Height: 90mm

Width: 58mm

Beeswax has such a long burn time, while staying clean, natural and bright. It is also sustainable and supporting the bees means supporting a sustainable and healthy environment! That's why we love it, and hope you do too!